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The balance of five years of efforts against blood coal

The balance of five years of efforts against blood coal

01-12-2015 Analyzing the Dutch process

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Over the last five years, several European NGOs have focused on the mitigation of human rights violations in the coal mine region of Cesar (Colombia) and have strived for remedy for the thousands of victims of violence in that area.

Over the same time span, Dutch energy subsidiaries have taken numerous initiatives to address problems in their coal supply chain, especially the coal sourced from Colombia. Meanwhile, Minister Ploumen of Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation has set up a coal covenant and has committed support for a dialogue between victims of violence and mining companies. However, despite these constructive initiatives, there is little progress to report.

Against the background of a hopeful peace process it is time to take stock and draw some conclusions.

Natuurlijke hulpbronnen, conflict en mensenrechten, Een betere omgang met een gewelddadig verleden, Colombia