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Sudan Alert No 1

Sudan Alert No 1

29-05-2019 May 2019

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In the last five months Sudan has seen more change than in the previous 30 years. People in and outside of the country are eying the unfolding developments with both euphoria and caution about the future. While peaceful protesters continue to demonstrate patiently outside the army headquarters, a transformation of the entire political arena that allows diversity and a new generation to flourish is needed.

The chain of succession witnessed after Al-Bashir’s removal were no more than attempts by the regime to perpetuate itself by changing figureheads at the top without addressing the violent, corruption-fueled system underneath. The Sudanese
people are well aware that if the army is allowed to oversee a transition to democracy, even in a limited capacity, this could undermine efforts at rooting out corruption and state-sponsored violence—the hallmarks of three decades of military rule in Sudan.

The international community now has a chance to redesign its engagement strategy and policy vis-à-vis Sudan to support the people in their demand for a peaceful and timely handover of power to a civilian transitional government. With negotiations between the Military Transitional Council (MTC) and the Forces of Freedom
and Change (FFC) ongoing, PAX offers a thorough analysis of actors and events concerning this delicate process as it unfolds, to inform decision-making at this precarious stage in Sudan’s transition.

Accompanying this Sudan Alert is a detailed actor map explaining important dynamics within and between the main actors, which will be modified as needed.

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