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College tour webinar: The influence of conflict on climate

30-09-2020 Aanvang: 19.30 - 20.30 - Locatie: via ZOOM

If armed conflict and wars aren’t bad enough – did you know they a major impact on our and environment and our climate? Not only is the defense industry one of the world’s largest emitters of CO2, but conflicts themselves contribute to pollution and destruction of nature and biodiversity. This can be caused by radiation from testing nuclear weapons before the conflict, to toxic remnants of weapons left on the battlefield, chemicals released by bombing factories to deforestation and impacts on water sources. At the same time, the climate crisis leads to environmental degradation and impacts lives, livelihoods and fuels tensions around natural resources. This can both a source of conflict and peacebuilding.

How does PAX' work with civilians address concerns over environment, peace and security and what can we learn from the climate security debate? Find out during this webinar! The webinar will be given by Wim Zwijnenburg, Project Leader Humanitarian Disarmament and Peter Schwartzstein, environmental journalist at the Center for Climate and Security.

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